Breakfast @ The Garden Bistro

From the moment we arrived at Garden Bistro the service was friendly and attentive – at first we thought we were getting special treatment because we were reviewing, but other tables were being served just the same. So points off for that.

We were having a breakfast of Dim Sum, not that The Garden Bistro only serves Dim Sum for breakfast, we just think it’s a fine way to start the day. The Dim Sum menu (900Ks per portion) was extensive. Then there was the ‘Special’ Dim Sum menu (1200Ks per portion) - we drank complementary tea and excellent fresh juice (2000Ks) whilst enjoying the Kandawgyi lakeside setting, in no rush to decide. In the end we opted for a selection (a lot) from each menu. Highlights included the pan-fried pumpkin cakes - the sweet pumpkin and the salty dried shrimp making for an addictive combination. The delicate steamed prawn dumplings were stuffed with a generous portion of delicious shrimp, while the barbequed pork pastries were miniature parcels of sweet and savoury bliss. By now we were starting to understand why The Garden Bistro has a reputation as the place to go for breakfast. We didn’t want to leave. So we didn’t.

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