Dynasty Bistro

Talk about prestigious location, Dynasty Bistro is situated in a supermarket. Yes, clearly you have already made your mind up to visit but we’ll mention the food too: the prawn dumplings (2800Ks) were perfectly formed and tasty with or without the accompanying soya and rice vinegar dipping sauce. The Singapore styled spicy fried vermicelli noodles (4000Ks) with flavoursome slithers of bbq pork and fresh, crunchy vegetables were good, even better was the beef in black pepper sauce (3800Ks), but frankly, by then our attention was firmly on the Singapore chicken rice (4000Ks) - a classic dish with the rice cooked in chicken stock. We love it. Except on this occasion the rice was not cooked in any perceivable stock at all. The chicken however was succulent and a selection of three dipping sauces helped to bring some added flavour and spice. Tip: Iced ginger tea with added lime by the jug.

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