Easy Nar Nat Taw

Seating options at Easy’s funky new cafe on Nar Nat Taw Street range from single buttock stools, to more conventional twin buttock chairs, but centre stage is the biggest, most comfy looking sofa we have come across for some time. It was occupied. Immediate seat envy ensued, followed by a rapid relocation when it became free.

The menu is the same as the original Easy downtown - a fusion of Asian and western comfort food with some healthy options. We tried a lot, as you should too, but we’d make a convincing argument for the honey glazed chicken rice (3,900 Kyats) – The sweetness of the honey combines with aromatic Chinese spices to great affect. And you can’t go wrong with the braised pork rice with specialty egg (3,900 Kyats) – The richness of the marinated pork is amplified by the creamy egg yolk. Gotta love amplified richness. Of course we needed something to wash it all down with. The ice sangria fruit tea (2,500 kyats) was bursting with fruitiness, and the Easy ice malt milk tea (2,300 Kyats) is mouth-frothingly good. We should have probably stopped there, but when crepes are on the menu, it would have been rude to do so. The sweet brandy banana crepe with chocolate ice cream (4,800 Kyats) is the one to go for - It’s an Easy favourite, and we can see why.

Good value, easy vibes and a super snug sofa (if you’re lucky).

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