Five of the best cocktails in Yangon

In 1948 a lawyer and cocktail enthusiast called David E Embury wrote a book called ‘The fine art of mixing drinks’. It’s seen by many of today's top mixologists as essential reading. Embury wrote that a proper cocktail should wet the appetite, stimulate the mind, please the palate and the eye, taste of booze without blowing your head off and be well iced. Embury clearly knew what he was talking about, and now with more options for enjoying a decent cocktail in Yangon (Yes, we're punching the air with joy too), here’s our pick of five of the best.

Cask 81

What’s in it: Deanston virgin oak single malt whisky, orange juice, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, Campari, Grand Marnier.

Cask 81’s signature cocktail tastes every bit as good as it sounds. We think a little better in fact. The quality shines through - Our favourite.


Cask 81: No.81 Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township Yangon

Lime Quay

What’s in it: Vodka, fresh lime juice, mango syrup, egg white.

If you’re looking for a sexy and seriously drinkable cocktail, look no further. This refreshing, velvety blend has just the right balance of sweetness and sour bite.

6,000 Kyats

Escape Gastro Bar: 31D Kan Yeiktha Street, Yangon

Watermelon Rossi

What’s in it: La Fée Apsinthe, vodka, watermelon liqueur, fresh watermelon, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup.

An explosive hit of 70% proof Apsinthe is consumed before you enjoy the fruity flavours of Water Library’s excellent take on a watermelon martini.


Water Library:Pyay Road/Manawharri Road intersection, Yangon


What’s in it: Sake, Umeshu, honey water, fresh lemon juice.

A fragrant and well-balanced cocktail with the lemon and sake cutting through the sweetness of the plum infused shochu beautifully.


Gekko: 535 Merchant Street, Kyauktada Township, 4th Quarter Yangon

Little Italy

What’s in it: Gin, sweet vermouth, fresh lime juice, homemade ginger syrup, ginger beer.

Served in a long glass, the Little Italy is sweet, spicy and aromatic.


Parami Pizza: No (11/8), Corner of Malikha Road and Parami Road, 7th Quarter, Myangone Township, Yangon

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