When we heard that the owners of Union Bar and Grill were opening a new restaurant, we didn’t really know what to think. But we did know we wanted to try it. So we did.

Gekko is located in the beautiful Sofaer building and it is instantly clear that they have put in a great deal to ensure that the pleasing aesthetics continue inside (minus the decay of course). An open plan kitchen dominates the ground floor, while the contemporary mezzanine shows off the scale of the colonial building - high praise.

Of course you are wondering about the food. But before all that, Gekko’s Japanese inspired cocktails are well worth a look in. We’d recommend the Horses Neck ($7), combining whisky, sake, lime, homemade ginger beer and bitters, a refreshing and tangy drink. Ok, the food. Gekko’s menu is a simple and mouth watering affair, which combines Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. Clearly, providing a balanced review would require a multi-jurisdictional approach. The pork gyoza ($6) were exquisite. Frankly, we could have eaten plates of them. Maybe one day we will. Got to set goals in this life. From the Yakitori, the chicken ($6) was expertly grilled, while the stuffed peppers ($6) gave the pork gyoza a run for their money in terms of their habit-forming qualities. We moved onto some larger dishes – We almost fought over the last slice of succulent pork in black pepper, which came with a delicious nam jim jaew dipping source ($10) and the spicy korean beef with glass noodles ($10) was gloriously full flavoured. In a city with a bit too much neon, Gekko shines brightly with it’s own unique glow…stix.


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