Han Kook Kwan

If like us, you think that the sight and smell of fresh meat cooking over a charcoal stove at your table, is the perfect way to get the taste buds watering, then we think that you must be a big fan of Korean restaurants. Hey, we are too!

Han Kook Kwon is a favourite of ours. A charming place with water features and traditional Korean mud pots known as Jangdokdae, adding to the rustic feel.

For perspiration reasons we requested our meat to be cooked for us, while we enjoyed the large assortment of complementary vegetable sides (we do however recommend barbequing your cuts yourself to ensure ‘fresh off the grill’ juiciness). Two portions of meat will feed two with ease. We gorged on succulent pork (8000Ks) marinaded in soy sauce and beautifully tender stripes of beef (8000Ks) – pasting each morsel in spicy Ssamjang, then wrapping with a lettuce leaf before devouring whole, as is customary – and which suits us just fine. Our Korean feast was complete with a Kimchi Stew with steamed rice (8000Ks). Fiery hot, hearty and full of flavour, a real winter warmer on a sweltering winters day.

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