La Carovana

Port Autonomy has been wowing us with their kimchi quesadillas and upgraded fried chicken for some time. More recently, Executive Chef Kevin Ching has been showing us why he is one of the most exciting chefs in town, with his second eatery – La Carovana.

Situated on the first floor of a beautifully refurbished villa, it’s hard to resist the immediate urge to bound upstairs to the restaurant, eager to experience Ching’s take on contemporary Italian cuisine. Hold tight, first there are some rather good cocktails to be had at ‘The New Boris’ bar on the ground floor - the Tom Yum Collins and the Whisky Sour (both $10) are favourites.

The menu at La Carovana is full of light, creative dishes: there’s nothing here that’ll leave you feeling heavy, heart murmuring at the thought of hauling yourself up from the chair. Take the Milano Clams ($21) – a delicious broth of white wine, ‘nduja and red chilli complemented the sweetness of the clams perfectly. The Hamachi belly ($34) was also a light and decadent delight, elevated by the briny bottarga. But the one you would write home to your sweetheart about was the Porchetta ($28) – slow-roasted, herb-scented juicy pork, surrounded with crisp crackling skin, on a bed of creamy mash and garnished with rocket. Life affirmed, we finished off with a magnificent chocolate dessert ($16) - rich chocolate cake, coconut gelato, coffee granita, chewy meringue, mint and slices of orange. Sure, a personal trainer would probably burn you alive for eating it, but it was really good.

With a new, bigger menu now available, we think La Carovana is the restaurant to go to for a contemporary Italian fine dining experience in Yangon.

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