L’Alchimiste is housed in a splendid 1930’s colonial mansion, and is well known for its wonderful location on Inya Lake. Their lunchtime set menu (2 courses 17,000 kyat/3 courses 20,000 kyat) is less well known, but we think it’s worth shouting about - changing weekly, it provides a wallet-friendly way to sample some classic French cuisine. More choice is of course provided with the a la carte menu. Try the scallop and bacon salad (18,000 kyat). Sweet, plump seared scallops and salty bacon - a match made in heaven, which was combined with a rich parmesan dressing and fresh green leaves - we polished the plate with crusty bread. Classy. The butterfish steak (15,000 kyat) was good - cooked well and stepped in a creamy chorizo and white cabbage sauce that didn’t overpower the subtle flavours of the fish. The sea and earth (18,000 Kyat) is also worth trying - combining locally sourced beef that is aged for added tenderness, and some super tasty tiger prawns.

If for some inexplicable reason you visit but don’t fancy French food, fear not - L’Alchimiste has thought of everything. A selection of pizzas are available for dinner. We dare you to order one. Who said the French don’t have a sense of humour?

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