L'Opera Italian Restaurant & Bar

Just in case you didn’t know, L’Opera is a popular family owned Italian restaurant established over 16 years ago. There is a warming, family-run feel to the place, none more so than when the Fedeli family is enthusiastically welcoming guests and enjoying lunch at the table beside us. And why not enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Located in an utterly picturesque spot beside Inya Lake, L’Opera is well known for its cool, sophisticated ambience and authentic Italian food. The Insalata di Mare ($11) was simple, fresh and delicious. A light dressing with finely chopped celery and shallots played a great supporting role, while the seafood deservedly took centre stage.

We were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves for ordering the Spadellata di Mare ($26). More delicious seafood, sautéed in a light tomato sauce with olives and potatoes. Once again the quality of the seafood was allowed to shine, and we marveled not only at the taste but also the size of the prawn.

If you fancy some plate licking with your pasta, we would wholeheartedly recommend the Ravioli di Carne ($16) and some discretion of course (this is a classy restaurant, try not to lower the tone). Perfectly cooked parcels are stuffed with minced meat in a creamy truffle sauce topped with saffron. Glorious. 

We relaxed and admired the dreamy vista across Inya Lake before the temptation of dessert became too much. The Panna Cotta ($7) with wild berries was a rich, creamy delight.

The essence of great Italian food is simplicity – use quality ingredients and cook them well. L’Opera does just that. Oh and did we mention the lakeside location?

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