Lunch @ the 15th World Gourmet Festival, Bangkok

We are totally prepared to travel (yes, even beyond 9 mile) if it means we will enjoy great food and drink. So when we discovered the line up of award-winning chefs that were flexing their skills at the 15th World Gourmet Festival in Bangkok, we were counting down the days (whilst still living life to the max obviously).

Held over seven days in the Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok, the 15th World Gourmet Festival is a showcase in culinary mastery, exquisite food and fine wines. The festival lunch (1,950 Baht per person including wine) was held in the grandiose lobby. It was a relaxed, yet sophisticated lunch, served buffet style, with live cooking stations dishing out plates of the highest quality international cuisine. Our favourites included the hamachi sashimi with garlic oil and soya, the dark rum ‘Morgan’ tuna gravlax (who wouldn’t enjoy tuna cured in dark rum?), and the baby octopus with roasted tomato and bell pepper purée was so delicious it deserved a second serving (the joys of a good buffet!). The exquisite food was complemented with equally impressive wines from the Château Lafite Rothschild estate in France.

Entertainment came in the form of live cooking demonstrations by two Michelin star chefs, with each dish then being served. James Syhabout, chef at Commis in Oakland, and Akrame Benallal, chef at Akrame in Paris may not have delivered the most engaging demonstrations, and with hindsight, we would have asked not be to be seated in front on the television which relayed proceedings to those with a restricted view - eating with a dozen pairs of eyes fixed on us was a little disconcerting. However, as we devoured James’ cured king salmon with unripe green tomato and dill, then demolished Akrame’s lobster in tomato water with watermelon, it became abundantly clear that these two chefs prefer to let the food speak for itself.

Finally onto dessert, and a large selection of miniature creations demanded our attention. The mulberry tea macrons were some of the best we have had, and the excellent chocolate melt with berry coulis was a glorious combination, and a splendid way to finish a fantastic lunch.

The 15th World Gourmet Festival is a celebration of creativity and innovation. It’s about indulging in great food and drink, and that’s just fine with us.

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