Myanmar Curry Table @ Belmond Governor's Residence

The Myanmar Curry Table at the Governor’s Residence is a taste of Myanmar, served buffet style in a beautiful, colonial-style mansion dating from the 1920s. Clearly, a mere table of curries would never do Myanmar’s gastronomic diversity justice. Thankfully there were several tables, but we cannot deny that the main attraction is an old pool table, laden with fragrant curries and vegetable dishes, served over authentic charcoal burners. A rustic and mouth watering sight, which will ensure that you won’t be hearing from your appetite for a while.

From the salad table, we would recommend the fresh and crisp gin thoke (ginger salad) and the crunchy green papaya salad. We then circled the simmering clay pots of curry before making our move. The pork and mango curry and the duck tea leaf curry were both excellent, and the coconut rice didn’t disappoint. If you can resist the urge to sample everything, we would give the tiger prawn curry a miss and instead opt for the meaty river prawns, grilled fresh to a juicy perfection. And while you’re at the grill, why not enjoy the marinated tea leaf butterfish. We added spice to the traditionally mild flavours with a fantastic green chilli pickle, and we couldn’t resist a sprinkling of dried anchovies for a salty crunch.

We relaxed and soaked up the unique ambience of the Governor’s Residence before sampling a selection of desserts. The apple semolina was good, as was the coconut agar agar and the sesame toddy candy was a sugary treat.

For $42 (including flow of beer, green tea and soft drinks) you can expect authentic Myanmar dishes and a wonderful dining experience.

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