Port Autonomy

You may not know Ivan Pun. That’s OK – he probably doesn’t know you either. He is the founder of TS1 – a cultural and community project occupying a converted waterside warehouse in the jetty area. We visit regularly - shamefully stalking the canapés at various art exhibitions and pop up events. What’s our point? Well he’s now launched a pop up restaurant next door, and the executive chef, Kevin Ching, is the man behind those amazing canapés.

Port Autonomy is literally turning heads on Lanthit Jetty. A modern take on a Burmese beer hall, with an evolving, seafood driven menu. The generously proportioned Goan fish curry ($8) is a must, as is the utterly comforting Korean Cubano sandwich ($10), which manages to fuse spicy Korean Gochujang paste, Swiss Cheese and juicy carnitas (think pulled pork), to devastatingly good effect.

Immersed in our food, we almost forgot where we were - a refreshing riverside breeze wafting through the open-air restaurant acted as a reminder. With the sun setting over the Yangon River, we soaked up the ambience while gorging on excellent fried chicken ($10) coated in a tangy buffalo sauce, and some seriously good pickles. Sublime.

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