Sabai @ DMZ

Recently moved to a plush new venue on picturesque Inya Lake, Sabai proudly claims to be the ‘only’ authentic Thai restaurant in Yangon. We are not sure what the other authentic Thai restaurants in Yangon think about that, but we like their boldness all the same, and why wouldn’t we – after all is the ‘only’ guide dedicated to promoting the wonderful food scene in the city.

Anyway, that’s enough about us…the fishcakes (4000Ks) with a sweet peanut and cucumber sauce, were tasty as was the sizeable plate of Morning Glory (3000Ks). The seafood with spicy herbs and chillies (5000Ks) was a bit oily, however the chargrilled spicy beef (4000Ks) was truly applause worthy! Succulent grilled beef, fresh onion, tomato and cucumber all coated in a tangy herb and lime dressing. Things got even better (and a lot hotter) with the minced pork sautéed in hot and spicy thai herbs (4800ks) - think Rocky Balboa – not that much to look at, but packs a big punch. Or if you think that a movie analogy has no place in a restaurant review, just think minced pork sautéed in hot and spicy herbs.

Sabai dishes up tasty, authentic Thai food. No one can deny that.

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