Sharky’s pride themselves on sourcing their own high quality, sustainable, local ingredients and we applaud them for it. Their burgers (from 12,000Ks) are renowned in these parts.  They’re award winning in fact. A juicy beef patty is topped with Sharky’s organic mozzarella, caramelised onions, sundried tomatoes, homemade mayonnaise and rocket, all securely encased in a freshly baked bun. They are delicious and don’t disintegrate in your hands. In our view, that’s makes for a fine burger. So naturally we ordered the free range, organic roast chicken from the Ayeyarwaddy Delta. And luckily for us, we weren’t disappointed! A whole chicken (20,000Ks) will feed two with ease. We felt a little sorry for the crisp roasted potatoes that received little attention while we gorged on a fine chicken, grilled to perfection.  We did get round to them eventually – dipping them into Sharky’s ‘chilly chilly’ sauce, which is fermented for 3 years, and with no added preservatives, we were feeling so good that we indulged ourselves with ice cream (yes, they make it themselves too). We do like a balanced diet. 

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