Summer Palace @ Sule Shangri-La Hotel

Sadly, ‘all you can eat’ promotions, all too often translate to poor quality, not to mention their unhealthy ability to promote excessive eating behaviours. Nevertheless, we were optimistic that Summer Palace at Sule Shangri-La (formerly Traders), with their ‘all you can eat’ Dim Sum lunch ($22 per person) would be of a quality that they are well known for (that’s high quality, just in case your didn’t know). However, and rather worryingly, the fact that we had decided to skip breakfast might suggest to some that we had indeed fallen for the gluttonous charms of the ‘all you can eat’ offer. To those people we say – yes.

Stand out dishes include the pan-fried turnip cake with XO sauce – chunks of soft, moist turnip are coated in a spicy sauce made from dried seafood – it’s every bit as good as it sounds. The steamed shrimp and black fungus rice rolls (pictured) were a triumph, while the deep-fried prawn and tofu paper rolls also impressed. The braised bok choy were drenched in a delicious stock and the slithers of salty cooked ham were a worthy addition to a tasty dish.

Those generous folk at Summer Palace also include a selection of desserts, which we willingly sampled. We would recommend the crispy egg fritters with caramelised sugar and if you have room (which of course we did) why not finish off with the refreshing mango, pomelo and sago chilled soup. Service was a little slow, but not to worry, a good ‘all you can eat’ lunch should be a marathon not a sprint.

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