Thai Kitchen

Whichever way you look at it, fish tanks without fish (or water come to that) are a little disappointing. Seated next to two, we couldn’t help but think that Thai Kitchen could make them more of a feature, perhaps with some fish (and a drop of water).

Oddly, the lack of ocean fare in the tanks made us crave seafood. We opted for Thai Kitchen’s specialty of crab yellow curry (18Ks/gram – most of their crustaceans come in at around 400 grams). A whole crab sits on top of a significant portion of egg, expertly scrambled in masala spices. It turned out to be a joyous (if slightly messy) affair - certainly not a dish we would recommend for a first date. 

The high caliber of thai cuisine continued with a green papaya salad (2500Ks) which was plate lickingly good and an equally flavoursome shrimp paste dip with prawns and a selection of fresh vegetables, including glorious deep fried and battered slices of aubergine (3500Ks). 

Good food and knowledgeable staff – a well-oiled Thai dining machine. 

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