The Manhattan Fish Market

We think that there is definitely a gap for a good American-style seafood restaurant in Yangon. Admittedly there are gaps for a variety of good restaurants, but this review is about an American-style seafood one. Just what Yangon needs right?

The Manhattan Fish Market is a popular restaurant chain in Asia. Our arrival was announced to the busy restaurant by a loud, Japanese style, welcome from the team. So no need for us to go round to each table and say ‘hi’ personally then. Big tick for that!

Often attentive service in Yangon feels like dining with an uninvited guest. At The Manhattan Fish Market, technology is employed to ensure service levels are to your liking. Simply press the button on your table and a member of the team will be with you in no time. Cutting edge.

Comfort food is the catch of the day here. Due to their American lineage, expect plenty of fried food, but there are also many healthier options. Our starter of grilled fish skewers coated in spicy chipotle sauce (5400Ks) was tasty with a nice hint of smokiness and a side of coleslaw. The intriguingly named ‘Small Flame’ (9800Ks) included prawns, which were dramatically blow touched at our table (intrigue over), a dory fillet, garlic herb rice, chips and vegetables, all coated in their own signature sauce. We think a little less rice on the plate and perhaps a portion of coleslaw would improve the dish, but by now we were feeling far too comfortable to mind. The grilled salmon (9800Ks) was a little overcooked, while the spicy baked dory with garlic herb rice and vegetables (6800Ks) rightly came with a warning. The fish was moist and the fiery marinade made it a dish for the heat seekers. We cooled down with excellent milkshakes – vanilla and chocolate (2800Ks each).

We think that The Manhattan Fish Market is a good casual dining restaurant which has fun with fish. So one for the anglers!

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