Tiger Hill @ Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake

The ‘all you can eat’ dim sum buffet is a popular option for lunch in Yangon. If you are in need of a big blowout feed, the buffet at Tiger Hill ($24 per person, minimum two people) is one of the best, all of which is to say that this is the sort of place you leave sweaty, weighed down and remorseful. Pretty perfect then, right?

The menu is extensive, combining signature dishes as well as dim sum classics. The hot and sour soup here is delicious – rich, thick and packed full of flavour. Definitely also go for the jade dumplings, they taste every bit as good as they look. Other favourites include the deep fried prawns with bean curd, which are a triumph of taste and texture combinations, and the steamed freshwater butterfish in soya sauce, with its delicate flavours, also impressed.

We ordered a lot. At one point it really was touch and go whether we would make it through everything. Bravely, selflessly, we did it, and then moved on to dessert – the homemade mango ice cream with chilled sago was good, and Tiger Hill’s famous deep fried sesame balls were a sweet and chewy treat.

Tip - walk it off with a relaxing stroll around Kandawgyi Lake.

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