Ureshii Kitchen

We weren’t that hungry, nor were we planning on doing a review. However, walking passed Japanese restaurant Ureshii Kitchen, we noticed that a selection of dishes from their menu had been meticulously recreated, in wax form, and displayed in the window to passers by. Marketing genius. We almost kicked the door down to get in.

So, since you ask ‘Ureshii’ is the Japanese expression for ‘happy’. The window dressing certainly brought a smile, as did the friendly welcome and complementary tea. The menu is an enticing assortment of various Japanese staples and signature dishes. We started with the masago nigiri (1200ks) – the fresh and savory fish roe sushi, complemented the subtle sweetness of the seaweed salad (2400ks). The prawn tempura sushi (4500ks) was excellent – each piece was a mini explosion of textures and flavours, which kept us coming back for more. Ureshii is well known for its quality ramen. We would recommend the nori chashu (3000ks) - its tender, salty, sweet, fatty, melt-in-your-mouth slices of braised pork belly (chashu) were delicious and we lapped up every drop of the pork based broth. The miso chashu (3800ks) with its spicy broth packed a tasty punch and we couldn’t believe our luck upon discovering that it came with the same expertly prepared chashu. What are the chances!

Ureshii Kitchen, is a cosy restaurant that’s well worth a visit if you crave good Japanese food at a very reasonable price.

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