Vietnam Kitchen

We turned up at newly opened Vietnam Kitchen with an appetite - like to come prepared. We were also excited about the prospect of a decent Vietnamese meal – something that’s hard to find in Yangon these days.

Things started well. We had no idea that fried sweetcorn with dried shrimp (3,500ks) could be so addictively good. The beef pho (3,000ks) with its tenderised beef and flat rice noodles was decent and we liked the charred flavours of the spicy, barbequed squid (8,000ks), even if the squid itself was of average quality. The bacon wrap with rice paper (8,500ks) was an unexpected, do it yourself, affair. Trying to rehydrate a six-inch sheet of rice paper in a bowl of water half its size was fiddly, but we like to think that perseverance is not compatible with failure - got to keep on keeping on right? So after a couple of botched jobs, we were masterfully constructing tasty parcels filled (overly) with fatty bacon, crunchy vegetables and herbs, all coated in a tangy and delicious sauce.

Like other newly opened restaurants in Yangon, Vietnam Kitchen has a few operational issues to resolve, but we can see the potential. What’s more, we are now totally hooked on making our own rice paper rolls, so we owe them a debt of gratitude for that.

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mylifesavour team - 25 July 2014

Looks good, Suggest you include a component with the address - or a link to their google maps location

- 25 July 2014

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