Yamagoya Ramen

Trailblazer alert! Venture upstairs at Yamagoya Ramen and you’ll find a hair salon complete with a sizeable bar. Conceptual masterstroke? Only time will tell. What we can say with confidence is that Yamagoya serves fine ramen, and that will do us just fine.

We opted for their best seller, the Mukashi Ramen (6,800ks). Delicious noodles snuggle up with slices of chashu pork, boiled egg, spring onion, black fungus and nori, all immersed in Yamagoya’s flavourful Tonkotsu (pork bone broth). The rather bland looking Yaki Ramen (4,500ks) tasted anything but bland - more excellent noodles are fried with crunchy vegetables, and diced chashu. But for us, the champion was the Black Garlic Ramen (6,500ks) - the black charred garlic oil elevating the Tonkotsu to new levels of slurping bliss.

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