Yhet’s is the newest tenant to arrive at the beautiful Sofaer building. The restaurant interior merges traditional Japanese features with contemporary design. We love the canvas sided booths which can be rolled down for additional privacy - you never know who you might bump into right?

The menu might be tricky for those who don’t read Japanese, but luckily managing director, Chikahiro, was at hand to help with some translation and recommendations. It goes without saying that we had to sample the sushi. We ordered 6 different pieces (18,000ks). Chikahiro clearly knew that food envy was imminent and took the liberty of providing us with 2 pieces of each fish. Our initial surprise was replaced by gratitude – imported from the famous Tsukiji market in central Tokyo, each piece looked and tasted delicious – particularly the tender eel and the meaty white fish. The salad with onion dressing and crispy fried soba noodles (2,500ks) was excellent and another unexpected surprise that we hadn’t ordered. But we weren’t complaining and wondered what we would be served next.

We think that soba noodles are best served cold, and when they come with fantastically fresh and crunchy tempura shrimp, just like they do at Yhet’s (6200ks) the result was nods of appreciation all round. However, it was an unassuming dish of fried aubergine and crispy minced pork (2500ks), with its combination of sweet and sour, soft and crisp that was an unexpected treat (and we did order it).

Yhet’s has one or two operational issues to iron out, but the food is great. So go soon, or even better, go now.

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